Virtual tour

View the hotel as well as surrounding attractions through the use of interactive 3600 video. Use your mouse to rotate the video and see the point of interest you wish. You can watch the following videos: 1.The Ermones Beach 2.Hotel View 3. Road  the Hotel 4.Road to the Ermones Beach 5. Corfu Downtown 6. Corfu Costal Tour by Car 7.Corfu by Car



  • Please wait for the video to load.
  • Press PLAY on the video to start the action.
  • Click and drag your mouse to scroll in any direction.
  • Press PAUSE to freeze the picture and explore each point.
  • Press on the "Scenes" selection button    to select another scene (video).
  • For detailed instruction on how to use the player Click Here

If you feel that you are displayed at a certain point in a video against your will, and your privacy is violated, contact us to remove the frame.
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